!!BE CAREFUL!! - Proof of the presence of undercover police agents on peer-2-peer crypto trading platforms (e.g. agoradesk and localmonero).

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Oct 19, 2023
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Recently, many people have been talking about federal agents posing as buyers and sellers for various cryptocurrencies ESPECIALLY bitcoin and monero on Peer-2-Peer trading platforms. As a result of this a lot of people may have dismissed these claims as FUD and carried on. However, as I was going through darknetlive yesterday, I read an article about a fentanyl vendor who got caught as a result of investigators carrying out a police operation called "operation dark gold."

The following words of the article:

"Shaughnessy's sentencing resulted from investigations that were part of Operation Dark Gold. In the year-long operation, undercover investigators posed as a money launderer and provided their services to dark web vendors.
In Shaughnessy's case, the investigators received a total of approximately $120,000 in bitcoin. They in return mailed cash to Shaughnessy's residence in Dallas."

This is evidence that these claims of law enforcement presence is true because the only place on the internet where people are trading cryptocurrencies for cash are on places such as localbitcoins (defunct), localmonero and agoradesk. I AM JUST GIVING EXAMPLES HERE, I AM NOT SAYING THAT EVERYONE USING THESE SITES ARE LE. Luckily this time round, it was a pedo scumbag selling fent laced shit getting busted but we do not want out good dealers who are honest about their product getting caught do we? Well read on as I have come up with some solutions on how to avoid having this happening to us.

What can we do prevent getting caught out?

1.) When getting your cash orders, use a different account and a different seller every time on these peer-2-peer trading platforms. If you can use different adresses, use tham as being able to use different adresses each will be a game-changer.

2.) Make sure the funds you are about to sell on these peer-2-peer exchanges have been completely obfuscated from the source.

Bitcoin from business -> swap to monero on kycnot.me -> monero wallet 1 -> monero wallet 2 / p2p non-kyc trading platform wallet -> sell

Monero from business -> monero wallet 1 -> monero wallet 2 / p2p non-kyc trading platform wallet -> sell

By breaking the chain to the business, you will be able to retain a lot of plausible deniability even if you get arrested as there is no proof the funds came from something illegal.

3.) Do not use a peer-2-peer trading platform, get creative!

For example, start a legitimate online business selling digital products for crypto on a different laptop and using the methods I have put down above, obfuscate the source of your funds. Next, start funelling your own crypto through the legitimate front business and then sell that crypto that has gone through your front business with a legitimate crypto exchange such as coinbase. This will be very easy as you can notify your exchange and your bank about where the funds have come from (your legitimate front business). You will easily be able to buy nice assets without raising any suspicion. The one disadvantage is that you will have to probably pay taxes but anything is better than being locked up.


In my opinion, method 3 is the safest way to sell your cryptocurrency if you have a solid way of doing this figured out. The chances of getting caught are VERY slim with this as it is basically impossible to track monero transactions that have gone through multiple wallets which will be very useful at making whatever cryptocurrency you sell at the end look like it has come from a legitimate business.


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Jan 29, 2024
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Always divide the amounts in odd numbers and do not move the exact sum back and forth


Don't buy from me
Sep 15, 2023
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Really good write up. FYI I think as of yesterday 3/4/24 darknetlive should be trusted, or it will go offline shortly. The owner who ran incognito market exit scammed
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