‏Innovative Crime: Money Laundering in the 21st Century


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Jan 23, 2024
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Hello, I have seen a lot on this site talking about how to launder money and make it legal, and I noticed that the answers were superficial and not in-depth, knowing that there are new methods that will not appear in the media before, and I will inform you of them now. Well, let's first understand the meaning of the term "money laundering." Money laundering involves money generated from drug trafficking, arms, or fraud, and you want to deposit it into your bank account. Classic laundering doesn't work like before. For example, giving a company manager cash and instructing him to transfer it to your bank account. Governments now audit companies or institutions that transfer money to the criminal's account and measure their economic growth. I will give you a story and a method of laundering that I consider to be one of the most appropriate methods but very complex. Well, let's say for example I am in Malaysia and I gave a person, let's call him Vladimir, a certain amount, let's say 10 million euros, and he returned it to me after a short period, not long, 8 million euros. I was amazed by the speed of the process and I asked him how this method works. He told me that as soon as I gave him this amount, he contacted people in Germany and more than one European country and told them that if they wanted to transfer money to their families in Malaysia, they should not go to banks. I will give them the money myself and at a lower fee than the banks and on the same day. You have to give it to a person, let's say his name is John, for example. As soon as John receives 10 million euros, Vladimir distributes my money, which is 10 million, to the relatives of the people who made the transfer. What did John do as soon as he received the amount? He gave it to an electronics company in Germany and told them that I want to buy from you with an amount of 10 million euros, knowing that the company is also cooperating with them in the organization. They transferred the electronics to Malaysia and sold them to Vladimir's electronics company. The result here is that I took 8 million after fake sales operations within the company and registered as a contribution to the company, and he took 2 million and the transfer benefits to individuals who made the transfer, and products that can be traded at double the amount. However, some things were mysterious, such as the company's share in Germany. This is considered a complete money laundering organization. Now it seems that the whole picture has been clarified to you, knowing that the organization has been operating for a long time, so they have a strong customer base and the process was quick. Reminder: The countries and the names of the individuals mentioned are fictitious for their safety.

Thank you for reading with regards,

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