1. G

    what's your fav cannabinoids

    Hi ✨ 👋🏻 can anyone tell me which cannabinoidsos the best? It's a long list of them,but let's take just the mose 3 popular noids: *Jwh-018 *5cl *Adb Your review is important for me.
  2. G

    Synthetic hash smell & taste problem

    Hello my friends i have problem help me please 🙏🙂 I made some synthetic hash but i don't know any essentielle oil to make the taste & smell just like real staff ,any idea? I use turepntine but i don't like the smell ,do you know any other essentielle oil?
  3. G

    Produce Hash manually

    Hello 🙂 friend i need help 🙏 I'm trying to produce hash but i'm facing a problem What can I do to make it smell like real hash? I can't find hop extract or hop pellets in my country 🥺 Any idea? (The smell is important)
  4. G

    how to make Fake hash

    Hey, Can any one tell me how to make Fake hash What is the simplest way to do it
  5. G

    searching for hash vendor

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hi,I'm searching for hash vendor sends their goods to Africa 🙏
  6. T

    how to pass dog test when i need to ship hash from marroco to another country in africa?

    Hi i want to buy hash from marocco and i need to ship it to another country in africa any ideas? How to pass the dog test ?
  7. J

    La Verte Feuille

    La Verte Feuille is an online cannabinoid store offering a wide range of products, including flowers, hash, CBD oil, CBG, HHC, CBN, and Phytomremedy. With a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis-based products, La Verte Feuille caters to customers looking for natural remedies and...
  8. A

    I am looking for Weed & Hash Vendors

    Looking for a vendor 
    I am looking for proven suppliers of Weed and Hash. I will buy bulk quantities every week. Can you recommend someone?
  9. G.Patton

    Hashish production manual

    Author is used to trim and bottom buds from Sweet Cheese Auto grow and some DP Auto Blueberry he had left in the freezer. I believe this to be the simplest way there is! 1. First off, I collect all trim (bottom buds, and any small stuff i don't feel like smoking myself) and let it dry...
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