1. fidelis

    cheap homemade microgram scale

    by Shawn Carlson (Scientific American, June 1996) but taken from a vespiary link. however, i will post an updated version in the replies!! ^_^ Microgram balances are clever devices that can measure fantastically tiny masses. Top-of-the-line models employ an ingenious combination of...
  2. Furio

    Need to improvise addition flask with the stuff I have + hardware store essentials

    Alright so I need to improvise a 1L addition flask (33% HCl) with anything you'll find in a hardware store and these: - 3 way distillation adapter - 0.7mm inner and 1cm outer diameter glass tubing in a T shape, with a 3 way valve in the center (only valve I have)...
  3. MuricanSpirit

    Home Laboratory: DIY Vacuum Pump

  4. MuricanSpirit

    Home Laboratory: DIY Hot Plate Stirrer

    I fail to see why I should pay about 1000$ for a hotplate/magnetic stirrer if the tech is so simple. Is it possible to just throw a hotplate over a stirring plate (if the stirring plate is strong enough to keep rotating eg. 5cm distance). Im not sure if the magnetic field interfers in any way...
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