1. S

    coke latin america

    any genuine coke plugs from latin america who are already exporting? europe
  2. guccimannh


    Hey family im from Brazil, Looking for methods to send fish scales to Europe or countries, anyone looking for a good partnership or a real job, let's get to work!
  3. DMTrott

    Something About Your Cocaine

    A year or so ago, whilst putting the finishing touches to the cocaine section in The Drug Users Bible, I decided to include a short analysis of the market in the UK, with respect to the actual contents as submitted to a well known lab. Whilst this only represents the situation in one location at...
  4. G

    Why is a lot of weed grown and imported from other countries? Why not grow it in your home country?

    How much is weed from other countries? Why do people not just grow and sell it themself? I know coke is about 2000 a kilo shipped over to europe makes good money and it makes sense is it to do with conditions or something.But you can grow weed in europe anyway so how much is it in mexico and...
  5. chefgorden

    Cocaine oil

    Hi all, im New to this group and online stuff. Currently stumbled across this Coke oil that was dropped on my close friend we are trying to work out to extract the Coke from the solution has kerosene or diesel mixed in with it once let settle Clear liquid separates and fuel rises to the top...
  6. B

    How do I turn Cocaine to liquid for transport to US

    Hello all, My best friend lives in Colombia and we are trying to export their biggest export cocaine by mail. We do not want to involve others so we are going to use the mail to remove liability. If someone or people could please give a tutorial on how to dissolve into a liquid for...
  7. A

    I want to make the best cocaïne

    Hiiiii my friends , I would like to make coke but the problem is that in my country coca leaves are forbidden and I would love to know where to get some (I already have an idea to use "Delisse coca powder" but I don't know if it's going to work) also I already have the recipe for cocaine but if...
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