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Mephedrone and sex


Jun 24, 2021
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Mephedrone – one of the most popular euphoretics. According to most of users, mephedrone is "choice medicine" for a change of sexual experience.

Effects and consequences

The use of a mephedrone during sex can cause the following positive effects:

- Increase in a libido and sexual inclination.

- Increase in self-confidence (not only during sex).

- The most straight talks between partners that allows them to know better each other and to move to a new level of mutual understanding.

- Liberation and realization of the hidden sexual desires, helps to decide on actions and experiments for which in a usual sober state the patient won't have enough determination and confidence.

- Strengthening of tactile sensitivity, touch can give stronger and saturated feelings.

- Euphoria which action strengthens emotions from intimate proximity.

- Extension of time of sexual intercourse.

It is possible to distinguish from negative effects:

- Lack of an erection during effect of substance.

- Decrease in a libido for several days after the use.

- Lack of interest in sex in a sober state (as a rule, arises if sex under the influence of a mephedrone practices constantly).

- Neglect safety: according to researchers from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine conducting survey among practicing sex under substances, rather often there are unprotected sexual contacts which can become the reason of STD, HIV, hepatitis C and unwanted pregnancy.

- Adverse reaction to physical activity intoxicated of a mephedrone, often it is aggravated with a combination with medicines for maintenance of potency.

As a result, we have substance which can diversify rather strongly sexual life, make it brighter and more saturated, to have new unforgettable feelings, but with possible serious side effects. Frequently there are psychological barriers which can cross out normal healthy sexual life. The remote consequences on a reproductive system and potency are insufficiently studied at present, but, considering the mechanism of effect of substance, it is possible to assume that negative consequences surely will come.

Myths about sex and a Mephedrone

Myth: If to give mephedrone to the frigid girl at her, there will be desire to have sex, and she will be able to derive from him pleasure.
Reality: Some users really reported about similar results, but the truth is rather that the modest constraining girl could give vent to emotions and be given to the desires, share them with the partner. Other option - the pleasure was caused in the frigid girl not by sex, but action of a mephedrone.
Myth: If to make an injection of a mephedrone during an ejaculation, then there will be a synergy of euphoria, and it is possible to take inconceivable pleasure.
Reality: No synergy will exist, there will be usual mephedronic "arrival" which can become brighter, especially from psychological expectation of something unusual.
Myth: Mephedrone provokes homosexual communications.
Reality: There is an opinion that mephedrone for sex is used by representatives of LGBT more often. Repeatedly, consumers reported about homosexual contacts under the influence of a mephedrone. Most likely, such actions are characteristic of latent homosexuals, considering the strong liberation which is characteristic of this substance.
Myth: The lack of an erection during a mephedronic trip indicates problems with potency.
Reality: The lack of an erection in this case is caused by an angiospasm and is quite normal phenomenon for this state.


Before starting sexual experience under the influence of a mephedrone, I recommend getting acquainted personally with substance, with its effects on your organism. If to describe briefly – to understand substance.

Directions of use:

From all possible directions of use for sex, the most preferable are nasal and intravenous. On numerous responses of users, the use affects orally not in the best way sexual experience, doesn't give so bright feelings.


For those who only begin acquaintance with mephedrone the optimum single dosage makes 180-250 mg intranasally or 40-60 mg intravenously. For users with tolerance to a mephedrone I recommend lowering a working dosage by 10-15%.


You shouldn't start right after the use sex, in most cases – it, and it won't want to you. In 40-60 minutes it will be possible to start caress and various actions of sexual nature. It is better to postpone sex to the beginning of how the effect of substance will begin to fall down. It is spoken clearly also by safety – physical activities at peak of substance can be dangerous, and such deal is pleasant to most of the users much more. If decide to be caught up - the best decision will be on some time to stop directly sex. You can descend in common at this time in a shower or the bathroom - nobody cancelled perspiration at the use of a mephedrone.


The combination with butyrate is used periodically. Yes, indeed, taking butyrate at the exit can be considered a pleasant addition, but this combination is potentially dangerous. And its danger is not in the instant deterioration of the patient's condition, but in the occurrence of very severe dependence and distant consequences in the case of the systematic use of such a combination.


Physical activity, including sexual activity, during a mephedrone trip can cause tachycardia and hypertension. Control your condition and do not overdo it. Do not take antihypertensive agents and beta-blockers for prevention.

It is strictly forbidden to apply mephedrone in any form to the mucous membranes of the genitals. This can lead to itching, burning and ingestion of infection.

The constant practice of mephedronic sex can cause a loss of interest in ordinary healthy sexual intimacy, and also repeatedly increases mental dependence.

Use barrier methods of contraception. Do not neglect safe sex, no matter how much you want at the moment.

Excessive sexual intercourse can be accompanied by a lack of natural lubrication. Sex "dry" leads to injuries to the genitals. Use lubricants if there is a problem with the release of natural grease.


In conclusion, I would like to say that you can realize your fantasies without a mephedrone. But if you decide to diversify your sex life in this way, follow the precautions described above. The best solution will be episodic use by the couple, which will allow you to significantly expand the boundaries of the allowed and in a sober state some "taboos" will be erased. In no case should you neglect sex in a sober state - in the future this will affect extremely negatively. Often users use mephedrone to watch porn and masturbation - this leads to a violation of sexual behavior, and I do not recommend doing so.
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Don't buy from me
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Oct 22, 2022
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Mephedrone intravenous dosage is about the same as intranasally since intranasal bioavailability is already quite high. You can essentially use intranasal dosage for your intravenous dosage


Don't buy from me
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Nov 13, 2023
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Mephedrone in sex is health


Nov 23, 2021
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Not always and not for everyone, my friend
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