ketamine leader is a scammer


Don't buy from me
Jul 11, 2023
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Be very careful with him, at first he is very attentive and makes you trust his word and his product, but after you send him the money, he takes a while to respond and the shipping problems begin, you try to contact him but he does not respond and then deletes your messages and blocks you. He has a telegram group where he sells his products and also says not to buy through BBgate


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Don't buy from me
Aug 4, 2022
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You expected this though didn’t you Heisenberg? There’s no one honest on that platform but your a pretty deliberate scientist type personality so what was the goal here? Because that’s a giant scammer thing so why stab at the bee hive. You figure you could reform telegram with your escrow service? You want a crazy market that’s selling lights out and no rip offs. You gotta do a few things Heisenberg. You have to set it up as purely a store and you need to have suppliers to one entity and sellers be one entity. So that’s how you make it huge that’s the only way because there’s just too many scumbags and not enough hood guys. When you find straight up solid suppliers you treat em good but you gotta hAve it like a pawn shop. Once you have reputation for never ripping anyone off escrow will no longer be needed. But you need a brand and a bunch of drugs and if you do it that way you will be very rich very fast. I know literally hundreds ghst would love. To buy any safe way they can. It would be HUGE. For pot, coke and meth, ketamine when you decide to do it up like I just said I’ll give suppliers for those things in the Americas so you can do usa to usa, there’s a guy here from austrailia can do same for u there. I know a lot of people would help it’s just the scum follow you home. But if u are the only one selling and buying no one will get ripped and word of something like that travels like wildfire.
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