@irisHe906 - whwingroup 20000$ cheat


Don't buy from me
Jan 15, 2023
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IrisHe, You presented yourself pretty nice and your offer was reasonable until I heard this scam probability... well if you remember an asasin by the name Boris I can say sending him samples free of charge as he will pay the transportation and all that could be your way to be held back in business. I am well aware of your preferences but we would ask for some materials in more or less sample amount and we promise in return a chance of continuing what you started to do as long as you don't get back to similar behaviors. I can't promise I can do it here but you may still have a solid chance. Given that the word scam will never be heard about you. I have connections that would be more then interested in what you offer. So think about what can be spared in more or less sample form. As you are 20K$ richer than I am (promise I struggle with feeding because of the lab expense) I will not ask you for any thing exagerated. People that I will show wis they have to do will certainly preps I will teach and I will suggest you as a supplier. If the products are up to our standards and those aren't really high.
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