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How to make jwh 018 at home? Recipe and synthesis jwh 018


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Sep 10, 2023
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The synthesis of JWH substances was first carried out in 1995 by chemist John Huffman, who created them for experimental purposes to study the functions of CB1 and CB2 receptors. Most of these drugs, including JWH 018, are in illegal trafficking, but at the same time continue to remain popular, since when used, they cause the effects of conventional drugs.
Quite often the question is asked - how to make this or that synthetic cannabinoid, including JWH 018 at home.

Apparently they are asked by those who doesn't want to get into trouble with the law when buying this illegal substance through drug dealers, bookmarks and dubious sites, or simply those who have run out of money to buy it, but they can’t stop using it they can. Whatever you say, a drug is a drug and no one is addicted to it didn't cancel. Both of them are simply not quite, to put it mildly, still aware of consequences of this synthetic cannabinoid.

About how under the influence of the brain easily burns out even from its single use there is a short circuit in the brain. And about the fact that synthetic marijuana is different from JWH 018 is essentially a powerful drug that can be used which often leads to suicide.

The synthesis of JWH 018 is not very complicated, which is why the recipe for its preparation is quite simple, but requires increased accuracy and attentiveness. The starting material for the preparation of JWH018 is 1-nafindole or JWH 011.
From 100 grams of 1-nafindole comes from 100 to 150 grams of JWH 018 oil, from which in turn yields about 500 grams of smoking mixture. To prepare JWH 018 at home you also need: - dimethyl sulfoxide ((CH3)2SO) – aprotic biopolar solvent in the form colorless liquid - sodium hydride in the form of mineral oil - n-Amyl bromide or 1-Bromopentane (amyl bromide, C5H11Br) - broadcast - water.

From laboratory equipment you will need: - flat-bottomed flask with a capacity of 4-6 liters - a reflux refrigerator, which is used to condense steam and returning the formed condensate back to the reaction mass - heat-resistant measuring cup. To obtain a quality product, the JWH 018 recipe requires compliance with the following proportion: take amyl bromide for 1 part of nafindol - 0.76 and sodium hydride - 0.2. The result is not a powder, but an oil with the same characteristics. The dry flat-bottomed flask is equipped with a reflux condenser. They place it in sodium hydride (20 g), dry dimethyl sulfoxide (100 mg) and stir.

Then in the resulting mixture is administered in small portions of 10 g of 1-nafindol (100 g) and stir periodically for half an hour at room temperature. After amyl bromide (77 g) is added and the resulting composition is heated to 65°C and stand for three hours, stirring occasionally. The result will be oily emulsion JWH 018, which is then washed with water. For washing in a liter sterile container is filled with the resulting oily emulsion JWH018 (200 ml) and water (800 ml), mix vigorously, wait until it settles the main substance and then carefully drain the water. The procedure is repeated until until the water becomes clear. Usually this procedure is repeated up to five once. Those who don’t want to have the extra hassle of washing can pour in the emulsion five times the volume of water and mix. Then add ether (200 ml), stir and let stand. In this case, the emulsion will separate into two layers. Oil the ether will be in the upper layer, and water with impurities will be in the lower layer. After you need to collect the top layer, and if you can’t get all the oil out, then add more ether (200 ml) and repeat the procedure.

The result is a finished product – synthetic cannabinoid JWH 018, which has the form of an oil. When making JWH 018, be careful when mixing sodium hydride with water as it may ignite.
JWH018 oil is dissolved in isopropyl alcohol or diethyl ether, impregnate the herbal base with it, dry it and obtain a smoking mixture with the contents of this item.

Smoking kills, laughter prolongs life. People! Smoke the right stuff keep balance.:)


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Nov 15, 2023
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What is the danger ? Can explode ?
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