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Guide to Online Anonymity (by https://anonymousplanet.org/)

Use at your own risk. Please do not take this guide as a definitive truth for everything because it is not.
  • Introduction:
  • Understanding some basics of how some information can lead back to you and how to mitigate some:
    • Your Network:
      • Your IP address:
      • Your DNS and IP requests:
      • Your RFID enabled devices:
      • The Wi-Fis and Bluetooth devices around you:
      • Malicious/Rogue Wi-Fi Access Points:
      • Your Anonymized Tor/VPN traffic:
      • Some Devices can be tracked even when offline:
    • Your Hardware Identifiers:
      • Your IMEI and IMSI (and by extension, your phone number):
      • Your Wi-Fi or Ethernet MAC address:
      • Your Bluetooth MAC address:
    • Your CPU:
    • Your Operating Systems and Apps telemetry services:
    • Your Smart devices in general:
    • Yourself:
      • Your Metadata including your Geo-Location:
      • Your Digital Fingerprint, Footprint, and Online Behavior:
      • Your Clues about your Real Life and OSINT:
      • Your Face, Voice, Biometrics and Pictures:
      • Phishing and Social Engineering:
    • Malware, exploits, and viruses:
      • Malware in your files/documents/e-mails:
      • Malware and Exploits in your apps and services:
      • Malicious USB devices:
      • Malware and backdoors in your Hardware Firmware and Operating System:
    • Your files, documents, pictures, and videos:
      • Properties and Metadata:
      • Watermarking:
      • Pixelized or Blurred Information:
    • Your Crypto currencies transactions:
    • Your Cloud backups/sync services:
    • Your Browser and Device Fingerprints:
    • Local Data Leaks and Forensics:
    • Bad Cryptography:
    • No logging but logging anyway policies:
    • Some Advanced targeted techniques:
    • Some bonus resources:
    • Notes:
  • General Preparations:
    • Picking your route:
      • Timing limitations:
      • Budget/Material limitations:
      • Skills:
      • Adversaries (threats):
    • Steps for all routes:
      • Get an anonymous Phone number:
      • Get a USB key:
      • Find some safe places with decent public Wi-Fi:
    • The TAILS route:
      • Persistent Plausible Deniability using Whonix within TAILS:
    • Steps for all other routes:
      • Get a dedicated laptop for your sensitive activities:
      • Some laptop recommendations:
      • Bios/UEFI/Firmware Settings of your laptop:
      • Physically Tamper protect your laptop:
    • The Whonix route:
      • Picking your Host OS (the OS installed on your laptop):
      • Linux Host OS:
      • MacOS Host OS:
      • Windows Host OS:
      • Virtualbox on your Host OS:
      • Pick your connectivity method:
      • Get an anonymous VPN/Proxy:
      • Whonix:
      • Tor over VPN:
      • Whonix Virtual Machines:
      • Pick your guest workstation Virtual Machine:
      • Linux Virtual Machine (Whonix or Linux):
      • Windows 10 Virtual Machine:
      • Android Virtual Machine:
      • MacOS Virtual Machine:
      • KeepassXC:
      • VPN client installation (cash/Monero paid):
      • (Optional) allowing only the VMs to access the internet while cutting off the Host OS to prevent any leak:
      • Final step:
    • The Qubes Route:
      • Pick your connectivity method:
      • Get an anonymous VPN/Proxy:
      • Installation:
      • Lid Closure Behavior:
      • Connect to a Public Wi-Fi:
      • Update Qubes OS:
      • Hardening Qubes OS:
      • Setup the VPN ProxyVM:
      • Setup a safe Browser within Qube OS (optional but recommended):
      • Setup an Android VM:
      • KeePassXC:
  • Creating your anonymous online identities:
    • Understanding the methods used to prevent anonymity and verify identity:
      • Captchas:
      • Phone verification:
      • E-Mail verification:
      • User details checking:
      • Proof of ID verification:
      • IP Filters:
      • Browser and Device Fingerprinting:
      • Human interaction:
      • User Moderation:
      • Behavioral Analysis:
      • Financial transactions:
      • Sign-in with some platform:
      • Live Face recognition and biometrics (again):
      • Manual reviews:
    • Getting Online:
      • Creating new identities:
      • The Real-Name System:
      • About paid services:
      • Overview:
      • How to share files or chat anonymously:
      • Redacting Documents/Pictures/Videos/Audio safely:
      • Communicating sensitive information to various known organizations:
      • Maintenance tasks:
  • Backing-up your work securely:
    • Offline Backups:
      • Selected Files Backups:
      • Full Disk/System Backups:
    • Online Backups:
      • Files:
      • Information:
    • Synchronizing your files between devices Online:
  • Covering your tracks:
    • Understanding HDD vs SSD:
      • Wear-Leveling.
      • Trim Operations:
      • Garbage Collection:
      • Conclusion:
    • How to securely wipe your whole Laptop/Drives if you want to erase everything:
      • Linux (all versions including Qubes OS):
      • Windows:
      • MacOS:
    • How to securely delete specific files/folders/data on your HDD/SSD and Thumb drives:
      • Windows:
      • Linux (non Qubes OS):
      • Linux (Qubes OS):
      • MacOS:
    • Some additional measures against forensics:
      • Removing Metadata from Files/Documents/Pictures:
      • TAILS:
      • Whonix:
      • MacOS:
      • Linux (Qubes OS):
      • Linux (non-Qubes):
      • Windows:
    • Removing some traces of your identities on search engines and various platforms:
      • Google:
      • Bing:
      • DuckDuckGo:
      • Yandex:
      • Qwant:
      • Yahoo Search:
      • Baidu:
      • Wikipedia:
      • Archive.today:
      • Internet Archive:
  • Some low-tech old-school tricks:
    • Hidden communications in plain sight:
    • How to spot if someone has been searching your stuff:
  • Some last OPSEC thoughts:
  • If you think you got burned:
    • If you have some time:
    • If you have no time:
  • A small final editorial note
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To be honest, I don't use any passwords anymore. And if I must use, it's "password".
Because otherwise I forget the passowrds and must ask the NSA each time.


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I loved
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