1. chef learner

    How to increase the hardness of methamphetamine after crystallization

    Please help me improve some of my knowledge, because currently I can't find any relevant solutions. After I kept trying to recrystallize D-methamphetamine, every time it turned into white transparent crystals (almost completely transparent, like glass), I asked a local manufacturer to check my...
  2. R

    Nagai method ratios

    Does anyone one know the best ratios for the Nagai method? On here people claim its 1:2:2 but more experienced cooks claim its 1:1:1. Anyone who tried this can chime in?
  3. R

    Scalability of meth via ephedrine route

    How scalable is the meth via ephedrine and H3PO2 before the reaction becomes unstable? Is it possible to do 2kg batches with very good reflux, any one has any experience?
  4. Douda

    How can i quit crystal meth?

    I have finaly realised that i am an addict to crystal meth. I can go 2 weeks most without smoking crystal meth but once i take 1 hit again.its back to square one. I use to smoke everyday,eventualy lost my job.I have a new job now so i did learn from my past mistakes,These days i smoke bout once...
  5. D

    Czech methamphetamine (aka pervitin) vs crystal meth

    Traditional Czech methamphetamine, locally known as pervitin, is made from (pseudo)ephedrine using iodine and red phosphorus. I understand that the process does not change the chirality of the starting molecule and so it produces 100 % d-meth. Crystal meth is advertised as also d-meth but it...
  6. R

    Disclosure of the physical properties of some amphetamines and methamphetamines NO.01

    Solubility: -Amphetamine hydrochloride has relatively weak solubility in water and alcohol and is easy to crystallize; its sulfate is almost insoluble in ethanol and isopropyl alcohol and will still precipitate even if boiled. -The solubility of methamphetamine hydrochloride in water and alcohol...
  7. fidelis

    chloroephedrine reduction to meth

    synth from this link, taken from the vespiary. heres another useful link i dont feel like copying down. excuse my laziness ^^; ༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚≽ ^ • ⩊ • ^ ≼༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚༝༚ Notes on the synthesis of Chloroephedrine and the reduction thereof...
  8. Methamphetamine Recrystallization

    Methamphetamine Recrystallization

    d,l-Methamphetamine Recrystallization
  9. oppengruppen

    Current easiest method of synthesizing Methamphetamine from Ephedrine Hydrochloride

    Hey there! Very new here, and checked almost every place about converting Ephedrine to Methamphetamine all over the dark net. Now, I don't have a background in chemistry, as that being the case, I'm struggling to find the most optimal method to go about doing this. As far as I understood, if...
  10. fidelis

    link to "detailed methods for non-chemists"

    hey :3 i would copy-paste this like i usually do with vespiary stuff but theres a lot of info so i decided 2 leave it in link form. there are many syntheses and theyre easy 2 read and perfect for beginners. enjoy!
  11. pseudoman


    Buy meth, fuck that. why not make meth by yourself, we provide you, pseudoephedrine at the cheapest price possible, we sell pseudoephedrine in form of tablets, the tablets contains levocetirizine hydrochloride 5mg and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride 120mg, so, it is 96% pure already, but you can...
  12. Douda

    Free Sample Recieved (South Africa)

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    I Just want to thank @Madre and the BBTEm for the free sample.Thank you for the 5 gram The delay was from my country side as they are busy closing down the postal office.If you are from Kimberley,South Affrica,you are welcome to come have a taste ⭐️ Service security (from 0 to 10) 10 ⭐️ Speed...
  13. L

    Do i need skill to cook meth?

    Hi, i was wondering if you need some chemical knowledge to cook crystal meth or if everybody can do it with some tutorials and if yes, how/where to get all the supplies and where do i cook?
  14. S

    benzoic acid to amphetamines?

    Hi guys, I've got two questions, and short answers would be fine. is it possible to synthesise amphetamines using benzoic acid as a starting material? if so, which type of amphetamine the easiest for non-chemists Hope to get answers because It would be very helpful to me (:
  15. U

    Best solvent for meth safe not bad smelling.

    Hello I would like to discuss possible solvents usage as replacement of stinky long evaporating T.(Toluene) to for example extract ephedrine from pills -What is most suitable solvent for dissolving pseudo/ephedrine without this unholy stink and also one that evaporates all within hour's...
  16. Methamphetamine Synthesis via NaBH4

    Methamphetamine Synthesis via NaBH4

    Synthesis of Methamphetamine via NaBH4 From P2P
  17. GhostChemist

    Methamphetamine Synthesis from Ephedrine by Using I2 and H3PO2

    Starting Reagents and Materials 6 g Synthetic ephedrine hydrochloride racemic 12 g I2 10.8 ml H3PO2 (50%) 20 ml H2O 50 ml 25% NaOH (15-20 г NaOH) 3 g sodium thiosulfate 250-300 ml DCM 30-50 g Na2SO4 100 ml Petroleum ether HCl gas 100 g NH4Cl 25 ml H2SO4 83% Flasks 250 and 500 ml Glasses Funnels...
  18. GhostChemist

    Methamphetamine From Ephedrine by Iodine and Red P

    Starting reagents and materials 6 g Synthetic ephedrine hydrochloride racemate 1.8 g Red phosphorous (P) 12 g Iodine (I2) 100-150 ml H2O 3 g Sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3) 24 ml 25% NaOH 250-300 ml DCM 100 ml Petroleum ether HCl gas 100 g NH4Cl 25 ml H2SO4 83% Flasks 250 and 500 ml Beakers...
  19. F

    Meth for a complete beginner

    It'll be my first time attempting this and it honestly scary, my knowledge on chemistry is little to none and I'm still not sure on which recipe to use, I'd really appreciate help in three topics: - General Chemistry, I don't know of books or videos that could help me as I am not one to usually...
  20. T

    Coffee Tasting Methamphetamine.

    Methamphetamine was powderised then mixed with spent coffee beans for logistical purposes and a disobedient simpleton thought he could get it out and used hot water. So I believe the alkaloids have leached into the desired amine. Causing an undesirable taste, steam distillation was attempted...
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